Message from the president of The Surgical Society of Ethiopia

Dear Esteem members of the Surgical Society of Ethiopia 

Greetings to you 

As you are all aware, we are planning to meet next month on May 19 and 20,20022 for our annual conference and scientific sessions. We will also have CME on various pertinent topics to be delivered by international and national experts in the field.

The past two years have been difficult for anyone because of mainly the Covid 19 pandemics and the conflicts we had that interrupted most routine activities but created new challenges. The medical force in general and the surgical teams, in particular, have been fortunate to give service to those victimized by these situations and at the same time to bear the challenges in the process. I am proud that you successfully controlled the situation and uplifted the health institution’s status. You showed the public how your proactive attitude could bring about such a success.

Concerning this, we have planned to give you an opportunity to share with us your experience, particularly your leadership role in disaster and conflict management as surgeons. This is our theme for this year. 

We hope these situations including the covid 19 pandemic are in the phase of evanescence that time is now to resume our tradition to come together and celebrate our annual meeting. As I always say we come together for many reasons including socializing and meeting old friends. Never forget to realize that It is also a chance to get new once.

I am fully aware that a significant number of surgeons are involved in research. I strongly recommend that you share your experience with us at the annual conference.

 From the virtual communication, I have understood that our number is remarkably increasing. For those of you who graduated recently or were not able to come, we will be extremely delighted to warmly welcome you to the club. Do not miss this year’s celebration. Without your presence and participation, the goal of our society will be meaningless.

This year we will have the election of executive committee members. It is your time to exercise the right to elect and be elected to serve your society.

Once again I would like to express my gratitude and gratefulness to be the chair of our society.

Finally, I want to extend my welcoming call to you all to come and make our annual meeting colorful.

Ataklitie Baraki (MD), Fine Arts (Cert)

Consultant General and Plastic & reconstructive

Assi.Pro. Of Surgery AAU SoM

President, SSE, EC member EPRSS

Program Director, COSECSA (Plastic, Ethiopia)