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Who is Eligible to Join SSE?

Qualifications for Membership

 Active Members

Any surgeon who has specialized in the field and has a well-established reputation and works in Ethiopia could be an active member.

Associate Members

Post graduate surgical trainees, general practitioners who have at least five years of surgical experience, specialists in other fields, surgical nursing teachers and institutions which undertake surgery are eligible to join as associate members.

Honorary Members

Honorary membership will be given to surgeons who have made outstanding contributions; especially which is of great importance to the third world and who are recommended by the executive committee and got 2/3 of majority vote by the general assembly.

 Foreign Members

Foreign membership is open only for those surgeons who are interested in improving the surgical service in Ethiopia.

 Life time Members

Any member who paid the total amount of subscription fee for ten years or who has regularly paid the annual amount for fifteen years will be given a Life time Membership.

The Rights of Members

Every Active Member

Has the right to vote for officers elect and to be voted for the same;

Has the right to give suggestions regarding the activities of the Society;

Will be a beneficiary of privileges and special rights the Society provides.

The Rights (Obligations) of Members

Every Active Member

Has to pay registration fee and annual membership fee as outlined on the bylaw of the Society;

Has to abide by the Society’s bylaw and related rules that enforce it;

Has to abide by the ethics of the profession;

Has to contribute to the success of the Society’s objectives.

Every Associate Member

Can attend the general assembly meeting as well as scientific conferences and can benefit from the services the Society provides. But cannot vote or be voted for positions of office;

Has to pay registration and annual fee and follow the rules and regulations of the Society.

Every Honorary Member

Will be a beneficiary of the Society’s services.

Every Foreign Member

Enjoys the rights and respects the obligations pertaining to associate members.

 Membership Fee

Every active member will pay ETB 1000.00 for annual membership fee.

Every associate member will pay 500.00 annual membership fee.

Institutions will pay ETB 5000.00 for registration and ETB 2000.00 annual membership fee.

Fee to attend a meeting scientific conference, CMEs and CPD courses will be decided by the specific program.

Cessation of Membership

Membership of the Society will cease for the following reasons:

If a member submits a written application of resignation.

If a member does not pay membership fee for three (3) consecutive years.

If a member does not comply with the rules and regulations of the Society and if two third of the general assembly vote for his/her dismissal.

A member who has ceased his/her membership will not get any refund for the payments he/she has made to the Society.

Reapplying for Membership

If a person who has terminated membership on his/her own accord or who has been dismissed for not settling payment applies to resume membership, has to pay the sum total of the accrued fee.

A member who has been dismissed by the general assembly for disregarding the rules and regulations of the Society can resume his/her membership when the general assembly annuls the decision it has made and when the person pays the sum total of the accrued fee.


  • Continues Medical Education to improved working capacity of  for Surgeons .
  • Provides a recommendation letter for career development and scholarship.   
  • Offers continuing profession development (CPD) through various publications, seminars and annual scientific conferences
  • Consultation of legal advisory to Protects surgeons s against unfair accusations and advocates for their interests

How to Join

  • This can be done by registering here or visiting the SSE Headquarters or branches offices 

Membership Types